Getting JobsGetting Jobs Training

Getting Jobs provides the key strategy for building a profitable clientele quickly. This video shows you how to find profitable sources of customers instead of looking for individual jobs. This new approach allows you to fill your schedule in a matter of months verses years.

The biggest stumbling block companies run into is finding enough profitable customers. It requires about 600 customers a year to keep a carpet cleaning truck fully booked. This can be a daunting number. Start-up companies quickly realize that getting the phone to ring is a lot harder than they anticipated.

This seminar shows you:

  • The importance of speed for dealing with this challenge
  • hy “sources” are the permanent answer to solving the customer challenge
  • When done correctly, getting new customers will never be a problem again
  • How to divide customers into (4) four categories
  • Every business is unique in solving this challenge
  • How to test for profitability
  • What is a profitable return for your investment
  • The importance of measuring results
  • Examples of many common marketing sources

This approach of getting customers is not taught anywhere else. This method puts you in control and enables you to tackle the biggest challenge standing between you and success.