Clean Like a ProClean Like a Pro Video Series

Clean Like a Pro Video walks you through the process of residential carpet cleaning. It leads you through from the time you pull up to the customer’s house until the job is completed and you are ready to drive away.

You will learn the information and process to clean with confidence. The difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur focuses his attention on dirt removal, while a professional understands the importance of the entire consumer cleaning experience.

This 93 minute video is the need-to-know information synthesized from the two-day IICRC certification carpet cleaning course and 30 years of hands-on cleaning experience of Master Cleaner, Steve Marsh. The video is divided into topic sections making it easy to return to specific parts to refresh your training or to get answers to questions.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish a professional presence
  • Qualify and price the job
  • Prepare the house and set up the equipment
  • Confidently clean the carpets
  • Deal with specialty spotting
  • Control booby trap situations
  • Wrap up, leaving a satisfied customer

There is a logical process to professional cleaning. If you follow the procedures in this training, you will produce consistent and quality work. You should rarely have to resort to trial and error attempts to resolve spot problems.