Carpet Cleaning

Single Truck Success audio seminar

Design your business for success!

This is the primary strategy and plan for the process!

Steve Marsh presents a power-packed and entertaining live seminar. This seminar teaches the vital principles of a successful owner/operator business, such as:

  • Developing a crystal clear vision for your business
  • Pinpointing the correct target clientele
  • Finding out what your clients really want
  • Knowing your “Magic Numbers”
  • Creating the right image
  • Providing the “Experience”
  • How to keep your clients
  • Networking profitably
  • Creating an ongoing supply of referrals
  • And much more!

Single Truck Success is the carpet cleaning industry’s best selling start-up business program. This is a recorded full-day, live seminar which is filled with practical and realistic steps. It shows how you can design a business to enable you to personally take home $100,000 annually after business expenses, even with one truck.

Your end goal may be to have a fleet of vehicles and a small army of employees, but before you can do that, you must first succeed with one truck. Once you figure out how to profit from one truck, expanding to multiple trucks with employees becomes much easier. This audio program is yours as part of the membership in This audio seminar normally retails outside of this program for $199.

Testimonials for Single-Truck Success

“I have taken many helpful and relevant courses during my 23 years in the industry and I believe your seminar would rank at the very top of that list. The material you presented was innovative, yet totally practical. It was obviously based on years of dedication to your profession and clients. You have provided a clear and exciting path for developing a successful carpet cleaning business for the owner/operators in our industry. As a cleaner, I plan to implement your valuable ideas into my business. As a Past President of the Carpet and Fabricare Institute, I am delighted that your program is available to assist the members of our profession. Thanks for lighting the path!”
- Ralph Denning, President of Spotless Industries, Montclair, CA
“Steve, I just had to tell you that your seminar, Single Truck Success was incredible. I had my best week ever, just following your seminar. I grossed $3,780.00 in one week. Your presentation is great! You held my attention the entire time. Your Magic Numbers really help put it all together for me and the workbook you provided is terrific. I love the forms you gave
- James Ebner, Owner/Operator of Integrity Carpet Cleaning, Hayward, CA
“Thanks so much for your advice and support. We just did a record day, $2,105! Plus, for the past nine days we have grossed over $1,000 per day. I think before we took you Single Truck Success seminar, we broke the $1,000 a day mark maybe one or two times in the past 14 years. Of all the classes we have ever taken, yours has impacted us forever! But beyond all this, we consider you a friend for life.”
- Aaron and Eric Kidwell, co-owners of Kidwell Brothers Carpet Cleaning, Bakersfield, CA