Single Truck Success Details

Single Truck Success is the easiest and fastest path to business success.

The objective:

Create an ongoing flow of profitable customers before you run out of investment money.

This is accomplished by focusing attention on two areas of growth:

  1. Creating a steady flow of customers
  2. Building the system needed to provide a quality service and a positive customer experience

Flow of customers

Instead of looking for individual customers, it is far more effective to find sources of customers. A “source” is the answer a consumer tells you to the question of, “How did you hear about us?” Sources may be answers such as: an internet search, Yelp, “My friend told me about you”, door hangers, or possibly they saw your van. Some sources could provide a couple of customers per year while others could supply 20 per month.

The largest number of sources is needed for a startup. As a company matures, the sources of repeat and referrals will begin to represent the dominant way customers know to call. It is typical for a new company to need 10 to 20 profitable sources to keep a service vehicle fully scheduled.

Single Truck Success has the step-by-step plan to guide you through this process. This process is much easier to accomplish if there is investment money to fund the testing of paid advertising sources. There are customer sources available though, that require time and energy, when investment money is limited. The goal is to quickly find sources which produce revenue so that there is minimal risk to your investment money.

Build the business is a combination of an online, 24/7, detailed step-by-step plan and training system. Along with this program you will have your own personal guide/coach to lead you through the process.

The mystery of success has been removed. We now know precisely what must be done in order build a business that creates the customers you need.

This system is divided into 129 manageable tasks. When the last task is completed, you will have achieved business success. You are very capable of completing each of these. It is sectioned into small task check lists. Each task comes with a clear description of what needs to be accomplished along with the instructions to get it done. Your guide is there to assist and help with the decisions and steps you are not familiar with.

Your guide keeps you focused on the most important tasks and relieves you of most of the stress that comes with doing new things. It is always easier to learn things with someone who has mastered all of the steps.

As each task is completed and checked off, your progress is recorded, enabling you easily move on to another task. Your guide/coach can oversee your progress and provide assistance and advice. How much easier could this be?

For those who have already been in business a while, you will find that many of the tasks have been completed. Focus can then be placed on the important remaining tasks which must be accomplished. This allows you to get the most done in the least amount of time.

Four divisions of tasks

It would be great if all people in your community knew that you were the absolute best cleaner. It would be so easy if your phone number was already in their contact list as the ideal choice to call. Unfortunately that will only happen in your dreams.

There are four equally important divisions of your business that must be developed to get those customers to call.

  • Strategy— This is where all of the decisions are made to make your service desirable when consumers become aware of your company. This is where you decide who you want for customers, what you will charge, and the level of service you will provide.
  • Operations— Here is where you build the infrastructure that enables you to actually perform the services that consumers will pay money for. This includes the technical training, assembling the equipment needed, and the system to make it all work flawlessly.
  • Business— It is this part of the company that allows customers to contact you and give you the money. Bills must get paid, all of the legal stuff needs to get done, the customer information should be stored, and the customers’ money needs to get transferred into your personal account.
  • Marketing— This is how customers find out that you exist and what makes them decide to choose you instead of your competitors. Everything your customer experiences about your company falls into this category. For you to win the customer, you must look better than all of the other options the consumer is looking at. Low price is not the most important issue.

A successful company depends on more than just being good at a service. If you have never built a company before, this could all start sounding a bit scary. That is precisely why you need a detailed plan and a guide who knows how to help you get what you want.

The number of tasks required is actually pretty small. The key is to stay focused on getting them done.
Please watch the short tour video to get a feel for how the system works. You will see that is very complete and not all that hard.

Why pay for help?

Success is easy with an experienced guide to take you through the process. With help, a new startup can reach the point of producing enough revenue to pay both the business and personal bills in a matter of months.

On your own, you will be lucking if you can reach that same point in two years. According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce statistics, fewer than one in five startups will ever reach that point at all.

There are just too many ways to get distracted and to make costly errors in decision making. Everyday a company exists before reaching the point when enough revenue is produced to pay all of the bills, owners must spend personal savings and borrowed money to survive. For many this could easily add up to multiple thousands of dollars each month. There is little time to waste in reaching the success point.

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$299/mo with coaching
$399/mo unlimited coaching

$399/mo with coaching
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